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 Rules 2.5 and Rankings

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Rules 2.5 and Rankings Empty
PostSubject: Rules 2.5 and Rankings   Rules 2.5 and Rankings EmptyFri Jan 30, 2009 8:14 pm

Club Penguin Clan is all about fun, but there are some rules.

1. No spamming. Posts like "akjfakjflajf", " smile mid surprise tongue wink Bleh Angry Very Sad Undecided Smile 😄 " or posts not having to do with the topic will be marked as spam.

2. No bumping. Bumping is posting in a forum over 30 days old without permission from a mod/admin.

3. No sexual content. Nothing having sexual content in it.

4. No swearing/cussing. No censoring them with the *'s.

5. No advertising. No links. You can advertise in the advertising Section, though.

6. No posting in hard to see colors, such as Yellow or White

7. No backseat moderating. Use the report button on the bar.

8. Please use proper grammar. We will accept "lol".
Each of these earns you one infraction. You will recieve a message if you recieve one, and it will be visible on your profile.


Here is the list of rankings in order.

Review the Rules - 0 - 9 posts

Tour Guide - 10 - 24 posts

Card-Jitsu Player - 25 - 49 posts

IceBerg Tipper - 50 - 74 posts

Rockhopper Lookout - 75 - 99 posts

Ninja - 100+ posts

Special Ranks

There are some special ranks, such as:

Rule Breaker
Staff Member of The Month

Please follow these guidelines.

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Rules 2.5 and Rankings
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