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 The Tale Of The Greatest Battle Ever...

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PostSubject: The Tale Of The Greatest Battle Ever...   Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:32 pm

Deep in the mist of the Pengtopolis Mountians a young penguin named Obi-Wan Pengobi was training to become a ninja master. He was in the top of his class and just earned his black sash. He was so ecstatic that he went on a stroll to the local village for fish. But little did he know somebody was watching him...As he bought his fresh trout he noticed something wrong, he couldn't explain it but he knew something was he leaped into the trees to find out what was going on. WHOOSH! as the wind blazed across his Ninja Mask. Suddenly he was attacked by something in the sky. He passed out as soon as he hit the hard but damp ground. Once he awoke he noticed his mask was removed and that someone had stolen his black sash. His face was intense with anger but before he got to heated someone walked in, and started laughing hysterically. "Young Fool, who do you think you are?" "You aren't fit to wear this sash!" he said as he tossed the sash into Obi-Wan Pengobi's face. Once the dark figure came into light you can tell plainly he was a samurai, he even had a sword that he pointed into Obi-Wan Pengobi's face. When all hope was lost the samurai didn't kill Obi-Wan Pengobi, he let him free. But only would let him go if he won a battle. They grabbed their swords and started the battle!

So, with that who do you think would win?

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The Tale Of The Greatest Battle Ever...
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