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 Name Changing Glitch

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PostSubject: Name Changing Glitch   Name Changing Glitch EmptySun Mar 01, 2009 12:22 pm

I found a new glitch. This is a pretty cool one. It allows you to make your name appear different than it really is by using someones player card, the map, or even your chat bar!

1. There’s many ways to do this, but let’s try using someones player card. Open up anyones player card.

2. Now bring your mouse button to any of the tools you can use. Such as buddy request or send mail. You should see some text in a box.

3. Now click on the object you are using. In my case, send mail. Don’t let your mouse go yet, keep holding it down.

4. Drag your cursor to the exit symbol on the player card while your still holding the mouse down and let go to hit exit on the player card.

5. The little insert should be frozen there. Just walk over to it and make your name become under it!

You can do this glitch with the map or chat bar, and be sure to press enter when you talk instead of hitting the send button or the message will go away. Other people cannot see this, but it is great for videos and funny pictures. I will have a video for this soon to help more.

(Thanks to rdonaldson70 for finding this glitch)

Please click on my eggs:
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Name Changing Glitch
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