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 Staff Blogs Information

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Age : 21
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PostSubject: Staff Blogs Information   Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:26 pm

You may be wondering- why can't you make a topic in here!
Well only Moderators and Admins can.
(These include Trainee Moderators)
Over a period a time a moderator will tell you about

* Their Life
* Their Day
* Their Vacations
* Their Decisions
* Their Internet Life
* etc.

Now- you can still post replies to threads.
Yes- you can still get infractions too!
You can also vote for things too!

You may be wondering- I see someone posting that's not a moderator.
FYI- a moderator can be fired/retired/quit.
So, please don't report it and if it is a hacker we, the admins will take care of it!

Enjoy the blogs!


Please click on my eggs:

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Staff Blogs Information
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